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“When we made the decision to acquire the Oracle BI Applications we knew that we needed an integration partner. We have worked with BICG for many years with OBIEE. They have been on site, and we have worked with them remotely. They have been extremely helpful over the years. We looked to them to be partners with us on the deployment of the Oracle Bi Applications. They provide training, consulting, direction, guidance, and knowledge transfer. BICG provided everything that we needed to be successful..”

Tina Suttle – Diebold
Manager of Business Information systems includes Business Intelligence and Websolutions

“We implemented off the shelf service analytics proponent. We were very pleased with BICG’s performance. They really came through for us. We couldn’t have done it without them. Folks they had on the project came through not only in terms of helping deliver, but also helping our technical teams come up to speed on the technology. BICG has helped us to become self sufficient.”

George Woods - Motorola
Software Development Manager for Oracle Apps and Siebell applications


Avoiding Horizontal Scrolling

You should strive to have fewer than three pages of scrollable vertical content on any given Dashboard page, and a Dashboard page should NEVER require any horizontal scrolling. If you find that your Dashboard pages are longer than three pages down, either break the reports across an additional Dashboard page or two, or consolidate multiple report views into a single report using a view selector. 

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